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Sustainability Models

We accompany organizations throughout Latin America so that they can be economically sustainable through the generation of alternative sources of income.

News and resources

We offer you the best free resources so that your organization can generate mixed income streams.

A new course it's coming!

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We launched a course for NGOs that do not want to depend on a single large donor.

Project M

A journey through the sustainability of NGOs that work with the migrant population.

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What is a sustainability model?

A sustainability model is a plan that is drawn up to generate financial income in a sustained manner over time.

The possibilities for developing these models are endless because organizations can take traditional models and endlessly reinvent, redesign, and adapt them according to their goals.

How do we do it?

We accompany organizations to discover how they can monetize that unique value they produce.

We make a diagnosis

We listen to you, for a better understanding of your organization' s needs and capabilities, how the team is made up and what products or services they could offer while promoting the cause.

We design a plan tailored to you

We propose a path to discover how to strengthen team roles, develop collaborative decision-making and generate environments to enhance the development of a financial model.

We help you execute the plan

We accompany your organization in the implementation of a business model that enhaces and strengthens your cause. We articulate efforts to unblock administrative issues

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Video: We share the testimony of FM4 Paso Libre

Video: Trends and learnings about fundraising in CSOs in Latin America

How do you know if you are ready to start

We suggest you make a first diagnosis through a survey. We want to start getting to know your organization better to think together about alternative models of sustainability.

My organization is ready to start working!

Contact us and let's start a conversation about your sustainability model plan.

More about Sustainability

We share the following materials so that your organization can begin to detect growth opportunities.

Methodologies for a team of
agile collection

Don't miss this webinar to have a more agile team.

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10 examples of sustainability models

What can be my model of sustainability?

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What is a sustainability model?

We tell you about impact models.

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