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Our mission

We accompany NGOs, governments and social enterprises on their processes of anticipation and adaptation to change, so they can better respond to the complex challenges the Latin American context presents.


We assist leaders and teams on
their organizational transformation processes.  


We work alongside with each team, developing agile and innovative solutions for their challenges. 


We offer workshops, experiments and activities for teams to become the best version of themselves.

How we do it

Our services

I have a new car, which detail should I have completed?

We recommend our Clay & Wax for the exterior and our New Car Interior detail. It's the perfect time to remove contamination from the exterior surfaces and apply a layer of protection on the exterior plastics and paint finish. Contamination builds up during transport while sitting at the port and as it sat on your auto dealerships lot. Interior surfaces also get minor stains throughout the whole process, which is why we created our New Car Interior. It will allow us to spot clean surfaces and most importantly apply a conditioner to help protect and repel any future stains.

I have never had my vehicle detailed, which service should I request?

It all depends how old your vehicle is and how oftern do you wash your vehicle? At the very minimum, we recommend the Clay & Wax and Complete Interior detail. If the paint finish is dull, has severe stains and deep scratches you will have to request our Stage 2 exterior detail (coming soon).

How often should I have my vehicle thoroughly cleaned and detailed?

We get this question a lot, and most of our customers are shocked when our answer is, NEVER! Completing thorough details, like Clay & Wax, multi-step polishing, and complete interior shampooing details, can be very invasive and tough on surfaces. The question should be, how often should I wash my vehicle to help me avoid costly and invasive details? However, if you are browsing our detailing services, it’s because you now need to enhance the look and condition of your vehicle. After we detail your vehicle we can maintain it for you.

Which detail is right for my vehicle?

Exterior: Most vehicles we work on, the paint and glass surfaces need to be decontaminated (clayed bar) to remove embeded contamination. If you are concern about removing scratches, swirls, stains and/or imperfections from the paint finish we recommend to have our Stage 2 exterior detail (coming soon). Interior: Most vehicles we start maintaining that are a year old or more, need a thorough interior detail. Even if you had your vehicle cleaned frequently, most car wash providers fail to properly vacuum and dust interior surfaces which lead to dirt and dust clinging to surfaces. Our Complete Interior Detail service will allow us to enhance your vehicle to its Like New Condition.

How often should I have my vehicles paint finish waxed?

Every one to six months. As you can see, there is a considerable range. Applying wax is a service that can be done every month and will not harm the paint finish. It will benefit your vehicle since the more coats of wax applied the more the protection will build up. If you have your vehicle washed frequently and have it spray waxed at least every 2 washes then you can extend applying a wax every 3-6 months.

My paint is rough to the touch and has orange specs, which detail should I request?

Clay & Wax Detail service. Your vehicles paint finish is rough because contamination has embedded itself to it. Gliding the appropriate clay bar grade with a lubricant will remove the contaminants, giving the paint more clarity and most importantly leaving it smooth as glass. If you are concerned about stains, scratches, and swirls, we recommend you have our Deluxe or Premium detail completed.

I have swirls I want to have removed, which detail should I have completed?

Stage 2 Exterior Detail service. Swirl marks are light to medium-deep scratches. These were introduced into your vehicles paint finish due to improper wash techniques and process. Our Stage 2, 2 step polishing process allows us to remove (level) most of these circular looking scratches. It will significantly improve the depth, clarity, and shine of the paint finish without sacrificing too much clear coat.

What's going to be the final price of the detailing service I request?

The price shown is the starting price for the service. The final price is based on the estimated time to complete the service. Upon arrival our technician will evaluate the condition of your vehicle and will communicate that to you what the final price will be before they start working in the vehicle. On average services range from their starting price up to $25-$50 more. If you don't wash your vehicle often and you know your car is in need of some TLC, then the final price may be higher than the $50.

What is "The Details" under Exterior Surfaces?

These additional steps allow our technician to clean, condition and protected the surfaces that will further enhance the look and condition of your vehicle.

My vehicles interior is pretty clean, which interior detail should I request?

Partial Interior Detail. This detail allows our technician to shampoo your vehicles interior high traffic areas. The rest of the interior surfaces get wiped down using a microfiber towel and a special cleaner to remove minor and light stains. After the shampooing and wipe down process plastics, soft-touch materials, vinyl, and leather surfaces get condition to enhance and protect them.

Why would the cost of my detail be higher than the listed starting price?

The final price is determined on the approximate time it will take to complete the service to the best of our ability. A few examples of why the final cost of your detail service may be higher. Exterior:

  • If your vehicle is excessively dirty, then our technician will have to rinse and soap your vehicle multiple times. We need to wash off the most dirt, dust, and road grime before we proceed with the next step.
  • If your vehicle has water spots and our technician needs to complete an Acid Wash on the affected area to neutralize the water deposits. Note: Acid Wash only works on recent water spots.
  • If you hardly ever wash your vehicle and it sits outdoors overnight then your paint finish will be extremely contaminated. It will take our technician more time and effort to remove (clay bar) embedded contamination.
  • If you hardly wash your vehicle or previous providers didn’t properly vacuum the interior, then it will take longer to vacuum it thoroughly. The vacuum process is the most crucial step to remove as much as dust and dirt before we start to spray our cleaner on the surfaces.
  • If the interior excessively has dust, dirt, grass, pet hair, etc. it will take our technician longer to vacuum as much as possible thoroughly.
  • If a surface in the interior needs extra attention and effort to thoroughly and properly clean it, then the cost will be higher.

Who we are

Our team

Kubadili spinned off Wingu, an NGO that empowers Latin American NGOs through technology, and Liqueed, an agency focused on coaching organizational transformation in the private sector.

Majo Greloni

Alejandro Crespo

Jorge Roldán

Vanesa Binsztok

Diego Sánchez Rivera

Ignacio David

Ariel Ber

Guadalupe Bracuto Verona

At Kubadili, we have developed a unique vision by leveraging agile in conjunction with design and technology.


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We accompany NGOs, governments and social enterprises on their processes of anticipation and adaptation to change, so they can better respond to the complex challenges the Latin American context presents.

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